Is now upon us…

The 2016 Presidential election is now upon us in full force, and of course that means that all of our advertisements will turn to political advertisements very soon and we will be bombarded with annoying messages everywhere we go about how horrible people are that we don’t even know and why certain candidates are way much better than other candidates, and of course it is going to get out of hand, it already has started to get out of hand, and it’s only going to get a lot worse in the weeks and months ahead as the primary elections heat up. Of course when it comes to this year’s election we have a bunch of different candidates that are all different and have a bunch of different view points on all of the major issues facing the 2016 status of our country and the election key points. A lot of our candidates for president are completely full of shit, and what is funny is that the people of the United States are finally really starting to catch on to how disloyal and unreliable these people really are, because when we start to think about it we can easily decide for ourselves and see the falsity in so many of our candidates because it is pretty obvious. I think that a lot of smarter voters are seeing this in a bunch of different candidates, including the presidential front runner Hillary Clinton, while at the same time Bernie Sanders is really seen as a truthful candidate. On the Republican side Donald Trump obviously isn’t taken to be the most truthful of people and a lot of the other candidates are also being called out for lying and just being full of shit as well. Isn’t is such a great time to be an American? It’s really nice to see that people are finally starting to call out our public officials for being the scumbags that they’ve always been, because let’s be honest you kind of have to be a scumbag to run for president, and I think although Bernie Sanders is an exception everyone else falls into the scumbag territory pretty easily. 

So if you are the type of person who is just trying to figure out who you want to vote for in the primaries and you aren’t sure exactly who just yet, then you have come to a definitely interesting area of information on the internet because this entire website is dedicated to the 2016 election and the issues at hand, and of course the policy ideas each candidate has towards these issues. 

Alright, so the next issue that we are going to discuss is the environment and sciences, and I think it is pretty clear that the Obama administration did a pretty good effort into trying to clean up the environment and promote scientific research during the past eight years, and when we start to look at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders their positions towards climate change are pretty clear in that Bernie thinks the environment is one of the most important issues our country is facing right now, and he definitely wants to get big oil money and fossil fuel money out of the political system so that there can be a significant progression in the types of policy that the congress passes as opposed to be bogged down by big money donors, which really is the root of a lot of the country’s problems. 

On the Republican side of things you can clearly see that they are all being funded by the big oil money people because they don’t think the environment is important and they just want to use more fossil fuels in the future, hmmm I wonder why that is?

A New Beginning

Yes the time has come upon the United States of America to once again pick our next president, and of course there is no going with Barack Obama this year because his term of eight years has now come to an end, almost, and now we must go ahead and choose from the select candidates that we have to choose from in terms of the runners in the Democrat and Republican parties. This is the American electoral process, and right now we are in the primary part of the process where republicans and democrats run against each other to win the party’s nomination and then run in the general election, which is what more people vote on, but of course it is still really important to vote during the primary elections because these elections also decide who becomes president and of course the future of this great country. The thing is that this 2016 election has already been shaping up to be really exciting and it is only a matter of time until things start to get more clear and we start to see who is going to win, but of course it is going to be pretty tight races on both sides of the aisle, and that’s because there doesn’t seem to be one person who is going to be the next president out right, except for maybe Hillary Clinton. But Clinton is running up against a really formidable foe in Bernie Sanders who has tried to change the game completely in terms of campaign finance and he has done a remarkable job garnering enough money to keep his campaign going, and it really is awesome to see so many people coming together to try to help out someone like Senator Sanders to win the nomination and really try to make some progressive change in this country, while at the same time Clinton is definitely trying to be more progressive in her own ways and start to appeal to more people because she is winning but she definitely understands that the political system might not just flip flop just because Sanders wants it to, and that conservative approach in a progressive party election doesn’t necessarily help her, but it will with all of the older people. 

The Republicans on the other hand are a complete mess this year and there is no telling what exactly is going to happen with their party nomination, but if you are the type of person who is anyway remotely interested in politics and the 2016 election issues then you have come to a cool spot on the internet because this list of articles is all about the 2016 election and the issues at hand. 

The first big issue that we are going to talk about is one of the issues that always is a big hot topic issue in every election, and that is the economy. The economy was horrible at the beginning of Obama’s presidency and it has definitely turned around over the last eight years and that has a lot to do with Obama’s leadership and determination to turn things around for the country. One thing that hasn’t been good during Obama’s presidency is the median household income, which has dropped pretty steadily during the last eight years, and I think this is one of the big things that Republicans are nailing on the door about because they know that most families want to be making a certain amount of money, and they think that they can raise that number even though they don’t really have a good plan for it.

Election Issues

2016 election issues and topics

Everyone in America now knows that we are at the verge of yet another presidential election and it seems like this time around it is really going to be interesting on a multitude of levels because for once we really aren’t sure who the heck actually is going to be president, and it doesn’t seem like we have come out with any really good candidates that are going to do a good job, at least from the Republican side of things. Of course Donald Trump has made a huge splash in the Republican primary election because of course he is an outsider to the political system and is simply a billionaire real estate guy who is really emotional and outspoken, and what’s so crazy is that Trump will say all these crazy things but it only helps him and it only makes him closer to winning the Republican nomination. This isn’t something that the Republican elite really like too much because I think everyone knows that Trump would get his butt whooped when it came down to a general election, but the facts of the matter are that Trump is more than likely going to win the Republican ticket, and as scary as that seems, because it truly is scary in terms of his policy ideas that we would implement if he were to become president next year, it is now a real possibility that we all have to face as a country of democratic voters. On the other side in the Democratic party race we have two candidates that would be pretty good presidents and they are debating about some issues that haven’t been really talked about in a presidential election in a really long time, and that is because there is another outsider in Bernie Sanders who has come out of nowhere, but in reality the senate, and has started to challenge the status quo of the American political system and people are jumping on board with Sanders in huge numbers and small donations, while he is running up against Hillary Clinton, who obviously has been in the White House before and is pretty much the epitome of what it means to be the status quo of Washington D.C. and the American political system. There are definitely a lot of serious topics that are going around in the town hall meetings and the debates in recent weeks, and although the Republicans just like to talk shit about each other on stage and be all dramatic like we are all watching reality TV with Trump again on The Apprentice, but what’s crazy is that even though the Democratic debates might be a lot more intellectual than the Republicans, they are still talking about the same issues for the most part and they all as individual candidates have different views on some of the biggest issues that face our country today.


So if you are someone who has not yet decided who you want to vote for, or maybe you are just curious to know some of the candidate’s positions when it comes to the major issues of this election then you have come to the right website because we are going to discuss all of the 2016 election major issues and decipher which candidates are into what, and of course why.


So first off let’s just talk about who we are going to be talking about, and this is important because for the rest of these articles it is important for you to know the candidates pretty well so when I mention them you’ll have a good idea of who they are. First off, on the Democrat side we have Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, which is pretty straight forward, but on the Republican side things get a lot more complicated because there are so many different candidates running this year on their side. We have Donald Trump, the frontrunner, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and a bunch of other jokers who probably have no chance of winning at all but you might want to look them up because all the aforementioned Republicans are horrible candidates and horrible people, because I’m a democrat.